Open Roles

THE ‘PIT BOSS’ ROLE (OTE: $105,000 – $110,000+)

Sun, 06/16/2019 - 14:17
A Pit Boss is the person who oversees employees working in a casino pit. Their job is to manage and monitor all floormen, dealers and players within their pit. While ‘Floormen’ generally handle minor issues … serious discrepancies fall to the Pit Boss to straighten out.Ultimately … it’s up the Pit…


Sat, 06/15/2019 - 18:34
Hugh John Lofting was born in Maidenhead, UK on January 14, 1886. And, while he studied to be a Civil Engineer … he is famous for creating the classic children's books, centered around the character of Doctor Dolittle.Doctor Dolittle was a doctor who disregarded human patients in favour of animals…

KING OF POP (OTE: $108,000)

Sat, 06/08/2019 - 21:35
On February 28, 1984 at 8:00pm, at the age of 14 and 11 … my sister Manda and I sat on our faux-leather couch and turned on our TV – a Zenith Space Command System 3 … housed in an all-wood-grain cabinet.As we sat there … each wearing a single, white, sequined glove on our left hands … we watched in…

JOAN OF ARC (OTE: $97,500 – $105,000+)

Sat, 06/08/2019 - 21:33
Jeanne d'Arc was born to a peasant family. At the age of 12, she began to have visions. In one particular ‘vision’ … the voice of God instructed her to renew the French nation. So, she travelled to the uncrowned Dauphin of France and advised him to reclaim his French throne … and overthrow the…

99 LUFTBALLONS (OTE: 160,000€ – 165,000€)

Sat, 06/08/2019 - 21:26
On their 1983, self-titled album … German band ‘Nena’ released "99 Luftballons”.Following wild success across Europe … an English version (“99 Red Balloons”) was released the year after.Since the English version of the song wasn’t a direct translation of the original … the band didn’t approve,…

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